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What is a chain of representation?

On the face of it, it should all be fairly straightforward.  Being a responsible individual and taking care of both your funeral and your loved ones after you've gone, you have a Will prepared.  In the Will, you name your Executor and give details of all your beneficiaries and what they are to receive.

In the event of your demise, the Executor takes over the execution of your Will and after all bills have been paid, organises the distribution of your Estate accordingly.

Simple, isn't it?

Except that, unlike the common phrase, death isn't a guarantee in life - that is, the timing of a person's death.

A chain of representation is put in place should the Executor of your Will die before having completed the administration of your Estate and you have another Executor in place, they will take over this duty alone.  However, if this person also dies, or there is no other Executor in place, then should your initial Executor have a Will in place, the Executors of their Estate will also take over the distribution of yours.

Of course, if your one Executor has not prepared a Will, or applied for a grant of probate on your Estate, then the rules change.  In this instance, anyone who then steps up to take care of the administration must apply for a grant of administration de bonis non.