Adding people to deeds


We are often asked whether it is worth not only leaving the family home to a spouse or partner in a will, but adding them to the deeds, too.

Although whilst you’re alive, your other half may feel more secure by having their name added to your property’s deeds, it makes no difference when it comes to probate.

So long as you have left explicit instructions in your will that you want your partner to inherit your house, this will then be carried out to the letter. If, however, you have not made out a will giving these instructions, then the law of intestacy may reveal other claimants and the property could then be divided among these individuals, even if it has been placed in joint names.

Nor can any inheritance tax advantage be gained by having deeds in joint names, as assets will automatically be transferred to the surviving spouse, in accordance with English probate law.

If your wife, husband or partner have been provided for in your will, and are happy for deeds to remain in your sole name, then why not save yourself the money and effort of changing the property deeds?

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