Bank not responding to probate?

Cases have been known whereby banks, building societies and other institutions have either delayed in responding or failed to respond at all to executors who contact them with notification of the death of a loved one.
English probate law states that when an individual dies, their designated executor should contact any institution where the deceased’s money or assets are held, notifying them of the death in writing, enclosing the relevant death certificate and probate form.
Unfortunately, no system is infallible and problems can sometimes occur, as happened when a man recently tried to notify a bank of the death of his father in law.
After sending the bank the necessary death certificate and probate form, it was over a month before he heard anything and it was only after telephoning staff twice and finally emailing before the bank suggested that the relevant documents may have been lost in the post.
The probate process can be a time consuming and stressful experience, so it is always advised that an executor employ the services of a professional probate practitioner.

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