Bee Gee complicated probate could take five years to complete

Most of us wish we could live the life of a millionaire – no money worries, houses around the world and exotic holidays.
However, having a significant amount of money also brings with it its own problems, even after death.
A complicated estate can mean that the release of assets can be considerably delayed as a result of the probate process, as is now being seen with the estate of the late, great Bee Gee, Robin Gibb.
Robin left a whopping estate of £93 million, made up of several businesses and property in Oxfordshire, Miami, London and across the globe.
It wasn’t only his assets which posed complications however – his personal life, which saw his relationship with his housekeeper produce a child, resulted in a £5 million settlement made before his death.
 All this means that his lawyers are now battling to piece together what needs to be done as part of the probate process, in order to reach a point whereby relevant taxes can be paid and the millionaire’s assets can be distributed to his beneficiaries – a process which, it has been estimated, could take up to five years.

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