Being left out of a Will can come as a shock


It’s never pleasant to find out that you’ve been either inadvertently or deliberately left out of a Will.
Whether you’ve been relying on the much-needed money to boost your family finances or whether you’re financially secure but just shocked at the deceased’s decision, the discovery can leave behind a great deal of disappointment, frustration and confusion.
Most recently, it was revealed that veteran war correspondent Marie Colvin, who was killed on assignment in Syria for the Sunday Times last year, had not only left her ex-husband out of her Will, but had specifically inserted a clause to ensure that he would not inherit her £1.1 million estate.
If the two had been acrimoniously divorced, it might have been understandable.  However, there was nothing in the couple’s relationship to suggest such resentment against Ms Colvin’s husband.
The couple had in fact divorced almost 20 years ago and Mr Bishop states that having remarried, he did not expect to inherit the estate, anyway.  Nevertheless, the pair remained on good terms and they were even described as being great friends, with Mr Bishop contributing towards saving his ex-wife’s life, when she fell into difficulties in Russia, in 2000.
The painful clause in the Will stated that:  “I wish to make it known that Patrick Bishop, my former spouse, is deliberately not named in my last will and testament.  I do not wish him to inherit from it, and I make this clause expressly known, should he attempt to contest it”.
One potential explanation that has been put forward is that Ms Colvin may have been upset with Mr Bishop at the time of writing the Will, and have subsequently forgotten about what she’d instructed.
The truth of course, will now never be known.

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