Beware of scammer heir hunter


A recent article in a national newspaper recently revealed that a woman had been contacted by a supposed law firm specialising in heir hunting.

The letter which she received from the bogus law firm called “Whittaker Advogados” which was apparently based in Portugal, stated that a relative had died and that according to the British Consulate, she was in line to benefit a considerable sum of money.

Although she hadn’t yet been asked for any money up front, quite rightly, the woman asked the newspaper columnist to research the company for her.

In actual fact, the company appeared to have been set up only a few weeks previously in the US, rather than in Portugal, as it claimed. There were no other references to the eminent lawyer named and the website itself was a direct copy of another law firm’s website.

Guaranteed, further down the line, the woman would have been asked to pay a sum of money in order to progress the bogus “case”.

This serves as a reminder to be on your guard when it comes to companies approaching you with excellent news of an unexpected windfall. Although a handful of individuals are indeed surprised by an inheritance each year, you should always research the relevant company first and never send any money.

There are genealogy professionals out there, as portrayed by the popular TV series “Heir Hunters”. If you have been approached why not give us a call on 0800 612 6105 to discuss.

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