Can Credit Files Be Used To Trace Beneficiaries?

Sometimes beneficiaries for wills can be hard to trace. Heir hunters will have many methods of finding these ‘missing’ people so that they can award them their inheritance, and one of these methods is to use their credit files.

Most people in the UK have a credit file. It is the information that has been collected regarding all of the borrowing that anyone has ever undertaken, including all loans and mortgages.

Equifax does offer this service. It is not free of charge, but if you are searching for someone then the price might be something you are happy to pay. And of course, the initial searches are free – you only need to pay if you want to see the full record.

Credit Files To Trace Beneficiaries 300x264 Can Credit Files Be Used To Trace Beneficiaries?

In order to start this search you will need some information about the person you are looking for. Useful information includes their full name, where they live, and their postcode (or at least part of it). The search results should yield up much more information. This includes their full name, whether they hold any directorships of limited companies (and what companies they are), their business address, any former addresses and their current home address, and their date of birth. This will then open up many other avenues when it comes to being able to find them – their home address is the most useful, but just in case this is not up to date, their businesses can also help a great deal.

Be aware, however, that many transactions that are recorded on a credit file are no more than 6 years old – after that time they are erased. 

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