Can I use inheritance to fund my retirement?

In a survey carried out by the National Association of Pension Funds, over four million working adults in England revealed that they do not consider themselves to have adequate savings to see them through retirement; instead relying upon money they hope will be left as an inheritance to fund their retirement years.
These statistics add up to one in six adult workers, with most of the indicated responses coming from the 45 to 54 age group.
Although these results are shocking, with around a fifth saying that their lifestyle would be dependent on whatever monies were left from their parents when they die, the survey revealed a much worse, increasing trend.
Almost 10 percent of those surveyed were not actively planning for retirement, but were hoping for a lottery win to top up their savings. Not exactly a responsible or indeed, realistic approach to safeguarding their future.
Less than half the workforce was actively putting money into a pension scheme.
With pensioners in the near future set to be less well off, the price of funerals increasing and care home fees forcing many to sell their homes in order to meet the cost, inheritance and lottery fees could soon be as unrealistic as each other.

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