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If you’re looking to find your family tree, check out our genealogy research store. We supply a fantastic selection of tried and tested genealogy books, software and research materials. 
This includes well-known titles like Who Do You Think You Are? The Encyclopaedia of Genealogy and the ‘for Dummies’ series. As well as lesser known gems such as The Really, Really, Really Easy Step-by-step Guide to Creating Your Family Tree Using Your Computer By Gavin Hoole. 
There are glossaries, step by step guides, tips, techniques and much more. Here’s our guide to some of the best:

Genealogy for beginners

Internet research
When you hit a dead end
Publishing your family history

While some people find genealogical research an exciting hobby, others become impatient and want to reach the end-goal at a faster pace. If you’re not enjoying the genealogy journey and would prefer to have a professional do the work on your behalf, IWC offer complete genealogical record packages from just £220. 
Rather than spending money on resources and research guides, you can purchase a research package containing all Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates. You’re then free to take a more in-depth look and delve into the past of certain family members or branches. 
If you’re conducting research to give to someone as a gift or mark a milestone, you may run into difficulty or find you can’t spare the time. Our packages make perfect presents – supplied in an A4 presentation pack with pedigree charts and relationship reports. 
All you need to do is enter as much information as you can into our online form. Or call and speak to a professional researcher on 0800 612 6105.

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