Civil Partnership Wills

A civil partnership became legally possible in 2005, and are for same sex couples only. A civil partnership is not the same as simply living together, but is a formal, legal relationship that is recognised as such by all courts in the UK.

Therefore, a will written by someone in a civil partnership is seen in the same light as a will written by someone who is married. That means that if you enter into a civil partnership, any will that you have written will be revoked (that is, unless your will has strict instructions to the contrary written within it), and your civil partner will automatically become your main beneficiary. Depending on your family circumstances, the remainder of your estate (after your civil partner has received their share) will go the other blood family members due to the rules of intestacy.

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If you were in a civil partnership and then choose to end the relationship, then while you are going through the split there is no change to anything written in your will. If you no longer wish your ex-partner to inherit, then you will need to write a new will stating who you do want to receive the money, property, or assets that you have left.

Once the split is final, your ex-partner will be treated as though they died on the day that the divorce came through. That means that even if they are named as executor in your will, they cannot perform the task, for example. It also means that anything left to them in the will would not be given to them.

If you are living with a partner but you are not in a civil partnership and you have no will it is wise to be aware that, should you die first, your partner would not be entitled to any of your estate – it would instead go to your blood relatives. This is why writing a will, no matter what kind of relationship you are in (or even if you are single) is so important. 

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