Claimed benefits despite inheritance

Receiving an inheritance can prove to be a curse for those on benefits, if they decide not to seek financial planning advice or the parents of the beneficiary did not take sound estate planning advice before making their will.  This was the lesson learned by a man who claimed benefits despite receiving an inheritance.

The latest in a long line in benefit frauds has come to light, with Darlington man Peter MacGrathin continuing to claim council tax benefit and Jobseekers Allowance, despite having received and banked a total of £77,000 inheritance from his grandfather.

Instead of investing the money wisely to help him through this period of unemployment, MacGrathin blew the lot, leaving him penniless again.

Sadly (or perhaps not), he’s worse off now than when he started. In addition to still being unemployed and having no money, he’s also been ordered to repay the £4,806 which he received fraudulently in benefits and has received a 12 month community order with 100 hours unpaid work.

If the grandfather had reviewed his estate planning or updated his will he could have perhaps received advise with regards passing money to a beneficiary who is in receipt of means tested benefits.

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