Disinheritance for “Black Widow”



A so-called “anomaly” in the 1965 Succession Act which led to an accused murderess claiming at least part of her late husband’s assets, has led to further confusion in the case of “The Black Widow”.


In a high profile murder case, Catherine Nevin was charged with murdering her husband Tom, in 1996.  Tom did not leave a will but his remaining assets included a pub which was jointly owned with his wife, two properties, a life assurance policy and a significant amount of cash.


The deceased’s brother and sister were subsequently named as administrators of the estate and they went on to bring about a civil case, to prevent Mrs Nevin from benefitting from her late husband’s estate, despite her claims that she should benefit through the laws of intestacy.


Since that time, Mrs Nevin has campaigned to prevent evidence from the criminal trial being used in this civil case.  However, the judge has ruled that to do so would be “contrary to common sense and offend any reasonable person's sense of justice and fairness."


If successful then, the deceased’s siblings will be able to Mrs Nevin from being able to inherit any of her late husband’s assets.

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