Do I need to use a professional when applying for probate?

The short answer to this is no, you do not need to appoint a professional practitioner when applying for probate. You can apply to the registry independently and handle probate yourself if you wish.
DIY probate kits are available from IWC, which contain everything you need to complete the process yourself. We even offer a money back guarantee, in the event you encounter any difficulties and have to seek advice from our legal team.
Why get legal assistance?
There are many reasons why almost 70% of UK citizens choose to appoint a company to deal with probate on their behalf. Even in straightforward cases, it can be stressful, time consuming and long-winded. When grieving the loss of a loved one, you may not have the energy or inclination to do it yourself. Mistakes can be costly and executors can be held personally liable for any financial losses on the estate. 
The assets of the estate will require valuation. You’ll also be required to attend an interview at the probate registry to swear an oath and confirm the information you’ve provided is correct. This is carried out at the location nearest to where the deceased resided. Therefore, this makes it difficult and inconvenient for those who live outside of the area, or overseas.
When you shouldn’t go it alone
Applying for probate is meant to be a straight-forward process. However, there are certain circumstances where it is recommended you seek expert help.
When the death is intestate (the deceased didn’t make a will)
If there is likely to be a dispute
When inheritance tax is due
If the estate is made up of many assets, spread over lots of institutions
Where there are overseas assets
Consider that probate services don’t have to cost the earth, there’s no need to feel you have to do it yourself to save money. IWC ltd offers a low cost, fixed fee service and there’s no need to make any advanced payments. Rather than charging our fee as a percentage of the estate, our low rates are based on the amount of work involved.
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