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IWC offer a full genealogy tracing service to find missing heirs. If you are a solicitor working on a probate case, we can help you trace heirs and their families to distribute the deceased assets accordingly.
Delegating the task of tracing heirs to a professional, means you and your practice can save time and money. We can quickly and efficiently locate the heirs, so you don’t have to devote resources to the task. 
Finding distant relatives of the deceased can be a laborious and time consuming. It is often the case that there are no leads whatsoever to pursue. Tracing a rightful heir can mean going back generations and can searches can sometimes cross Continents. In accordance with the law, you must prove the link with a professional, valid family tree. This must contain supporting documents such as birth, death, marriage certificates. 
We are professional genealogists with years of experience and members of the Heir Hunters Association.  We also have associates abroad, with the facilities to trace missing relatives that may have immigrated or relocated overseas.
Unlike other heir hunting services, we don’t charge a hefty percentage fee of the estate. Our rates are in proportion to the amount of work that needs to be carried out to.
Don’t give up probate when the deceased has ‘no living relatives.’ We are experts in finding successors and tracing bloodlines back generations. We can help in cases where there are:
No next of kin
Missing executors or beneficiaries named in a will
Missing heirs in intestate deaths
No traceable living relatives
Missing documents
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