Don’t Hide An Inheritance

A woman from Ashford, Kent, received a £400,000 inheritance and was then jailed for two years. These two events may not seem related, or the whole thing may seem rather nonsensical, but there is, in fact, a link between them. And it makes perfect sense in the end.

The problem was that Patricia Boaden concealed the large windfall she received, and continued to claim over £50,000 in benefits. She claimed the sum over a period of four years, even though at the same time she used her inheritance to purchase a holiday home near Disney World in Florida, which she rented out for £1300 a week.

Dont Hide An Inheritance 300x168 Dont Hide An Inheritance

When applying for benefits, one of the questions asked was whether Ms Boaden owned any property, land, or holiday homes either in the UK or abroad. Ms Boaden answered no, even though she had in fact owned the Florida home for a year before signing up for the extra cash.

Patricia Boaden’s defence was that she had been intending to put the money into a trust for her children, so she didn’t feel it really belonged to her. But this doesn’t account for the fact that Ms Boaden neglected to tell the council that she had a business – Sunshine and Blue Skies Escape – which had bought the property, giving her a profit. Neither did she mention that she had started and sold another company, Groundcare Solutions, which had brought her around £100,000.

Not only has Patricia Boaden been jailed for two years, but she also is under financial investigation, and will need to pay back the money that was given to her by the council.

So the moral of this story is: don’t try to hide an inheritance that you receive because if and when you are found out, the punishments can be severe. 

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