Don’t plan on reaching retirement age!

Admittedly, a somewhat depressing title for a blog, but it seems that following research carried out by insurance provider Scottish Provident, it has found that half  of the claims it received for life insurance in 2011 were for deceased individuals, aged under 55 years old.

Almost £42 million was paid out to deceased clients’ families, with the average age of the deceased person being only 56 and the average claim totalling around £84,744.

Just under 20 percent of its clients were aged 44 or under, with almost one third being aged between 45 and 54 years old when they died.

This serves as stark warning to those who have put off preparing a Will as they feel they are “too young”.  If Scottish Provident’s research is anything to go by, you have only 50 percent chance of reaching 55.

Don’t take any chances.  Make sure you prepare your Will today.

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