Government Funeral Payment failing the public

It seems that the government is letting the British public down in many ways, even in death.
Unemployment, frozen wages and an increasingly unattainable cost of living has resulted in nearly a 7% increase in claims from the Government Funeral Payment system, which in turn, is now declining almost half of these claims.
Originally designed to support those families met with expensive and unaffordable funeral costs, the GFP was set up for those on benefits, usually offering accepted claimants over £1000, to help out with the funeral of their loved one.
Unfortunately, with the price of an average funeral now exceeding £3000 and next of kin forced to commit to costs before the decision from the government is revealed, many are having to resort to a pauper’s funeral in order to have their relative buried.
To avoid subjecting those left behind to this kind of emotional and financial stress, adults of all ages are now being advised to take out some kind of funeral plan, so that their loved ones are at least spared the anxiety and embarrassment of having to settle for a pauper’s funeral.

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