How old do I have to be to make a Will?

Many people of differing ages prefer to either postpone drafting a will or choose not to do it at all, rather than face the inevitable prospect of their death.

Sadly, this of course means that the loved ones they leave behind are all too often faced with unforeseen costs, family battles, financial worries and uncertainty amidst their grief.

Intestacy, when a person doesn’t leave a will, means that the court decides who will be natural beneficiaries and what they will receive – which may not be what the family or the deceased would have wanted.

It is sensible then, to consider making a will as soon as you have any dependents and/or assets which will need to be distributed after your death. In England, the minimum age for writing a will is 18.

I would certainly advise that if you have significant savings, own a property outright or have a mortgage on a home, then you should consider making a will and sparing your loved ones the heartache and stress of having to pick up the pieces, should the worst happen.

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