Inheritance led to greed & murder



It takes a lot to shock the IWC team but the events surrounding the murder of Mr and Mrs Seddon in Manchester seemed frankly unbelievable – particularly as it is their son who has been charged with the killings.


Despite having already gifted their son £40,000 in cash and bought his house for him in County Durham, it seems that this gold digging individual wanted more.


Upon learning that he stood to inherit their £230,000 estate in the event of both of their deaths, Stephen Seddon began to hatch a plot to ensure that he would inherit the money, sooner rather than later.


Unfortunately for him, a staged “car accident”, where he drove his parents into a canal last year, failed and the couple, along with Stephen’s nephew, were rescued.


Undeterred, the criminal son went on to shoot the couple at their home, four months later.


The jury at Manchester Crown Court found him guilty of the murders and he was sentenced to full life imprisonment, that term being at least 40 years without parole.

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