Inheritance scams continue

A new wave of inheritance scams – this time from China, is sweeping the country.
Householders are receiving letters which purport to have been sent from a legal organisation, informing them that they have been bequeathed a considerable sum of money and that for more details, they should either send a fee to progress the claim or call a premium rate number.
Unfortunately, these letters which would under normal circumstances reach no further than the nearest bin, are proving to be attractive to vulnerable families who are having to make every penny count.
Remember that in the first instance, it is highly unlikely that a company will track you down with the sole intention of simply telling you that you have been left a large amount of money and secondly, that a reputable company will ever ask you to pay to get in touch or to progress the claim.
If you feel however, that you have a justifiable case in which to question whether you may be the beneficiary of a Will, then contact a registered member of the Heir Hunters Association who will speak to you initially free of charge and if instructed, will carry out a thorough investigation.

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