Inherited land – what to do next



If you have  inherited land after the death of a loved one, it is vital that you act instantly and appropriately.


By completing an assent document, you are formally requesting that the land that has been left to you is to be legally transferred and documented; in effect making you the new owner.


If you are not the executor of the deceased’s estate, then the executor will need to be a party to the assent after probate has been granted, and they have been given the go-ahead to distribute any remaining assets, as instructed by the will.


You must ensure that these legal formalities take place and are carried out correctly, particularly if it is your intention to sell the plot of land in the future, when ownership must be proven.


A professional probate expert will be able to advise you and the executor if necessary, on how to carry out all aspects of asset distribution in a legal manner.


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