Lasting Power of Attorney facility now online

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) has revealed plans that it is to introduce a means of completing a Lasting Power of Attorney document (LPA) online.
Currently, applying for an LPA demands a significant amount of paperwork to be completed, which can prove to be quite complex. It is for this reason that many forms are returned as they are either incomplete or incorrect, if not prepared by a professional.
An LPA is normally created at the same time as a Will is prepared. It simply indicates that should a person become mentally or physically incapacitated and unable to carry out their normal financial or legal affairs, a nominated family member or legal representative can do this instead.
Unfortunately, this simply means that individuals will find it easier to complete the documentation using digital technology, rather than being able to arrange an LPA online – a function which has still yet to be discussed due to issues of security.
In the meantime then, people are still advised to use a will writing professional to complete and order an LPA.

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