Law Society Wants Probate To Be Easier

The Law Society – the body that exists to assist all solicitors – has recently suggested that the probate process (and inheritance tax situation) should be made easier. At the moment, it is a long-winded process that is made harder because of the timing of it; it is done when families are still grieving over the loss of their loved one.

Law Society Wants Easier Probate 300x199 Law Society Wants Probate To Be Easier

The Law Society has created 22 different and very detailed recommendations about these potential changes in the probate system, and has submitted them to the government. The idea behind the recommendations is to ensure that everyone is treated equally, and to give everyone involved in the process the knowledge and information they need to do what is required quickly and easily. Right now, families often feel rather confused and unsure as to what they are meant to be doing.

It isn’t only the probate system that is confusing; inheritance tax can often worry people as well, even though it doesn’t always need to be part of their grieving process. The chairman of the tax committee of the Law Society, Gavin McGuire, wants more clarity in all of these situations and systems so that no one is left feeling confused whilst also dealing with their grief. A simplified taxation system and probate process would alleviate many of the issues that come with them at the moment. Something else that would also help would be extended times for the work to be done. This would allow for the grieving process to be over (as far as that is ever possible) before work needs to be done. 

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