Leaving legacies to hospitals

We’ve all heard of charitable legacies, and how the government has introduced financial benefits to those who leave a portion of their estate to charity.  However, it seems that many of us are choosing instead to leave our money to hospitals.

Never heard of leaving legacies to hospitals?  Recent news revealed that Welsh hospitals in particular, have been left almost £9m in legacies, over the last three years.

The hospitals directly benefit from additional funding which is not met by the NHS.

A spokesperson for one campaign fund stated that the money can go towards providing additional research into specific diseases or conditions, life saving equipment or additional training.  Alternatively, it can also be spent on other useful resources such as providing or furnishing relatives’ rooms and waiting areas.

If you’re thinking of leaving a legacy to a hospital, notify your will writer who will be able to advise you of the details and benefits.

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