Living wills by Joan Bakewell


Presenter and author Joan Bakewell wrote a newspaper article recently, in which she talks about living wills and the need for us to make important decisions about our death and what happens after it, whilst we’re still able.

She states the importance of giving clear, concise instructions as to what you want to happen in the event of your death, in the form of a will. Not doing so, she says, is “seriously neglectful” and could lead to “rancorous squabbles that risk descending through the generations”.

She points out that a will helps you to control what happens to your inheritance and avoid litigation between those you leave behind.

“Living wills” are now known as Advance Directives and indicate such details as what should happen to you, if you become unable to make decisions for yourself through illness or accident.

Joan has prepared hers and filed copies with her doctor, solicitor and family, after discussing the issue with her loved ones. She holds the strong view that a law should be passed, giving greater control to individuals regarding the details of their death and chaired a debate with Lord Falconer in an attempt to open up the discussion.

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