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Around 70% of UK adults do not have a will, that’s approximately 30 million people. The most common reason people give for failing to do so is that they believe their loved ones will automatically inherit in the event of their death. In some cases, this is indeed the case but it’s never quite as simple as that. 
What happens when you die without a will
In today’s society, many complex family situations exist but inheritance law hasn’t evolved to cater to this. For example, ‘common law’ partners are not entitled to inherit anything. If you are married, with children from a previous relationship; your spouse will inherit up to £250,000 of your estate and your children will not receive anything.
Aside from avoiding your estate being distributed in accordance with intestacy law, not making a will leads to more disputes and family rifts. Without having your last wishes recorded, your loved ones will be left to guess, or make assumptions as to what you would have wanted. This can lead to arguments over funeral arrangements and chattels.
What about the cost involved
Another objection to making a will is that people are concerned it will be expensive, involving hours of a solicitors time. This is not true, the fact is, you can make a will online today from just £25.
This involves completing our data encrypted online form. The Last Will and Testament will be drawn up by our specialist in house legal team and either emailed to you in PDF format or supplied to you by post in document form. It’s quick, easy and doesn’t cost the earth. You can even make a joint will with your spouse by completing the same steps.
Are online wills suitable for everyone?
No, online wills are not suitable for every individual. If you have a complex family situation, with many assets in different forms, or property abroad, it is advisable to seek professional assistance. 
Call our free helpline on 0800 612 6105, tell us you’re circumstances and we’ll let you know whether an online will is adequate. Or, take a quick look at our online will form, here you’ll be able to see whether it will be comprehensive enough to cater to your situation.

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