More will disputes

Disputes over wills, it seems, can affect families from all walks of life.
Two sisters and a brother who have inherited the Nantly’s Estate, are now locked in a fierce legal battle which will decide precisely who should inherit what portion of the estate.
The claimant, Lilla Pennant, says that although she was left Henblas Hall along with some land by her late mother, the execution of the will was not carried out correctly. Whereas her mother had stated that all three siblings were to inherit the estate jointly and equally, her brother and sister instead took the majority.
The estate includes the Hall, three farms and a number of cottages, around 450 acres of land and a 30 acre wood.
Although the case is still being heard in court, it appears that the contents of the will in question have been thrown into confusion by what is contained in an additional safety deposit box.
To avoid this unfortunate dispute, the deceased, presuming she was aware of what was contained within the safety deposit box and knew that it may cause contention with the contents of the will, should have been advised to also prepare a memorandum which would have given further detail as to who was being left what, and the reasons why.

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