New Plan for Metals Left After A Cremation

Most people know what to do with ashes after someone has been cremated – they will have a plan. But what about any metals that might have been left over when the body has been cremated? Metals such as medical pins and braces? Usually, the crematorium will gather these up and bury them within their own grounds, but this takes up a lot of space, so other ideas needed to be thought of.

The metals can generally be recycled after being melted down, and this is exactly what happens in Europe. So why not also do it in the UK?

Metals After Cremation 288x300 New Plan for Metals Left After A Cremation

Well it seems as though this is the direction that crematoriums are turning in. Indeed, one particular Leicester crematorium raised thousands of pounds for charity by taking these metals including steel hips, replacement knee joints, and other orthopaedic implants and recycling them into road signs.  

Before this can happen, the deceased person’s family needs to consent, but in almost all cases consent is given. This is good for the environment as the metal is recycled rather than buried, and it is good for other people, since often the ‘cremains’ are used to make more implants. 

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