Planning A Funeral Is A Good Idea – What Songs Should You Not Choose?

Some funeral songs are perfect, and include Frank Sinatra’s My Way, Time to Say Goodbye by Andrea Bocelli, We’ll Meet Again by Vera Lynn, and one of the many versions of Over The Rainbow.

But there are others that are a strange choice and, unless you are planning a funeral that will make people laugh and smile (and of course, maybe you are), then there are some songs that might be best to stay away from.

Queen’s Another One Bites The Dust may seem like an odd choice for a funeral, but it is actually rather popular, as is Don’t Fear The Reaper by the Blue Oyster Cult. However, although some funeral guests may appreciate the joke, and although this may be well in keeping with the deceased’s sense of humour, there are others who may find this sort of song particularly distressing, and it could make an already difficult day much worse for them.

Bad Funeral Songs 300x199 Planning A Funeral Is A Good Idea – What Songs Should You Not Choose?

There are many songs that tell a story ending in the death of one or both of the couple involved. Leader of the Pack, Johnny Remember Me, Billy Don’t Be a Hero, even Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks… Again, although they might be a lovely song when alive, when dead they have a completely different meaning and if you are planning your own funeral then you might want to think about what hearing one of these songs might do to those who are listening.

There are other songs that have a deeper meaning, and unless you know and understand the lyrics completely, they may send out the wrong message at your funeral. REM’s The One I Love sounds like a love song, but in actual fact it is all about not particularly caring about the person they claim to love.

And of course, if a song had previously happy memories associated with it, such as being a couple’s wedding song, or one that was played for the birth of a child, then using it at a funeral will potentially ruin that song for the ones left behind. It is always good to think of other people, especially as this is the last memory they will have of you. 

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