Probate dispute sees home destroyed


Although the number of Wills being challenged is on the rise, even the IWC team was shocked by the recent case of Tony McGuire and the ongoing probate dispute with his siblings.
Mr McGuire’s father died in 2005, at which point Tony and his family moved into his father’s home; despite, it seems, not realising that his brother and sister also had equal shares in the property.
A complex legal dispute over probate ensued, during which time Tony invested around £200,000 of his own savings, extending the property and building a garage.
The case came to a head over the last few days, when his brother began eviction proceedings.  Rather than potentially losing his home and seeking legal advice, Tony instead applied for permission to demolish.  However, presumably impatient with the slow process, he took matters into his own hands and took to the house with a sledgehammer.
It would be interesting to read more details about this case; particularly why it was not recognised from the outset that each sibling had been left an equal share in the house and why this particular dispute still hadn’t been settled after seven years.
What a shame that this probate challenge wasn’t dealt with differently in the early stages after the late Mr McGuire’s death

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