Probate property concerns for Southend residents


Despite facing a housing shortage, Southend Council is currently unable to take ownership of a house which is causing probate property concerns for Southend residents.

The house, which has now been empty for two years, is the subject of legal proceedings involving ownership. Whilst this court case has been ongoing, the property has been left to decline and has suffered vandalism. It is even thought it may be home to a family of foxes.

Residents around the area in which the house is situated, are quite rightly concerned about antisocial behaviour which appears to stem from and around the property. They have therefore signed a petition asking the council to take ownership, thereby repairing the home and offering it to one of the 1,200 people on the council housing register.

This problem is unfortunately typical, with around 2,500 homes standing empty in the Southend area alone – unable to be given to one of the families or individuals waiting on the register. This is as a result of new government measures, says the council, which has see enforcement notice periods increased from six months to two years. Empty dwelling management orders may not be served on the deceased.

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