Steve Evans – and why you need to make a will

Watching Breakfast TV the other morning, I was both humbled and heartened by the amazing courage and dominating personality of cancer patient Steve Evans.

Steve had been interviewed a couple of weeks earlier and had most evidently won the heart and admiration of the presenters at that time.

A high profile character in his local area of Wolverhampton, he was sadly diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer and after narrowly avoiding losing his life in 2011, his thoughts turned to preparing for his eventual death.

This exceptionally brave and cheery man admitted that he began to think about how messy his study was, voicing his fears that he “had nothing in place” and that he didn’t want to leave his loved ones with a mess to clear up.

As he says, he feels that his responsibilities to his family don’t simply end at the same time that his life does. By planning his estate accurately, he can still retain some control over ensuring that his wife and children remain financially secure.

He admits that discussing your final days with your loved ones is difficult and can be very awkward, yet encourages all of us to be open and frank about what lies ahead for all of us.

With the knowledge that he was about to leave his family sooner rather than later, Steve set about preparing his will, saying that he found it very draining and that he cried a great deal. However, once it was finished, he found solace in having made solid plans which would help his family through a traumatic time.

Listening to this outstanding individual, who remains upbeat yet practical, I feel we can all learn a lesson from Steve Evans – not just the reality of needing a will regardless of how long we have left, but being able to inspire others to take care of each other, even in the face of adversity.

We wish him well and hope he continues to inspire us all for as long as possible.

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