Survey shows most popular inherited items


So what would you include in your will? Aside from cold hard cash, think about which specific items will mean so much to your loved ones, after you’ve gone.

A recent survey carried out by funeral director CPJ Field & Co, listed the most
popular items which are left to next of kin. These include:

• Photographs and paintings
• Jewellery
• Ornaments, crockery & glassware
• Recipes

Almost 3000 recipients took part in the survey, which revealed that for many of us, items of value are considered not only in terms of monetary value but emotional attachment, too.

39 percent of respondents intended to pass down photographs and paintings, matched closely by jewellery, which was identified by 35 percent. Next in line were the ornaments, crockery and glassware (which are often of course passed down through the generations), coming in at 28 percent.

Surprisingly, almost a quarter of those surveyed said that they had inherited recipes from loved ones, showing that even in times of such financial strife, we place family values high on our list of what we hold dear.

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