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Complete DIY Probate Kits to Download Now

Last year, for the first time since records began, more people applied for probate independently rather than using a solicitor. In response to these trends, IWC have created complete DIY probate kits to assist people who want to go it alone. 
Available to download immediately, straight from our website, the kits contain everything you need to complete probate. We include our list of executor’s duties, as well as a full guide to the probate process. It’s convenient, easy to use and all the forms you’ll need are contained within the download.
You can choose our small estate pack at £4.99, or our complex estate pack at £6.99, used when inheritance tax is owed. 
Alternatively, our comprehensive DIY probate kit at £99, includes sample letters, valuation information and inheritance tax guidance. It comes with a guarantee that, if you struggle to complete the probate process and need to appoint our services, we’ll refund the money you paid. 
This is ideal for those who have never had to handle probate before, are unsure about their duties as executor and what the process entails. If you decide you’d prefer to get professional help, you haven’t lost anything. We can handle your case for a low cost, fixed fee that can be paid from the estate later.
You can use the kits whether the case is testate or intestate; forms included are relevant whether you need to apply for a grant of probate or letters of administration.
If you’re not yet sure about whether DIY probate is for you, we’ve written extensively about the subject on our blog to help you make the right decision. Here’s some links to further information:

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