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Eco-friendly funerals


In recent decades, increasing numbers of us are choosing not to have a standard burial or cremation, but to explore ways of resting in peace with a view to helping the environment even after our death, through eco-friendly funerals.

Spreading our ashes is of course one way to ensure that our demise causes as little impact as possible to the earth. Woodland burial sites are also increasing in popularity as way of having an eco-friendly funeral, as our churchyards have become overcrowded and relatives move away, leaving no-one to tend our plot.

Eco-coffins however, are a fairly new concept. Now, not limited to just wood, we have the option of wicker, wool, cardboard and even bamboo coffins, which have been proven to decompose much faster than their traditional counterparts.

Remember that if you choose to have an eco-friendly burial, that woodland burial sites insist on only allowing environmentally sensitive caskets to be interred.

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