How much do I have to pay for probate

How much do I have to pay for probate?

Recent research by Saga has found that probate fees charged by solicitors and financial advisors vary widely, due to the common practice of naming themselves as executor whilst drawing up the individual’s will.
In this way, the solicitor or financial advisor can then charge up to 5% of the value of the person’s final estate – often earning themselves several thousand pounds in the process.
Although it is always advisable to seek the help of a probate specialist, executors should certainly shop around for probate services – particularly if the contents of the estate are relatively small or straightforward. Remember that you do not have to use the services of the person who drafted the will.
It is not necessary either, to use a solicitor or a financial advisor to undertake the probate process. Do some online research and seek testimonials or ask around and see which probate practitioners have provided an excellent service and real value for money.

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