Influencing the content of a Will

Influencing the content of a Will

It can be difficult to accept the eccentricities of those you love and it can often come as a shock at the end of a person’s life, to realise that they have chosen to leave the bulk of their estate to another person, a charity or even a beloved pet.
If you are convinced that this decision is not within the usual nature of the person, then your first action should be to discuss it with the individual, bearing in mind that this could of course open up a whole can of worms and could very well lead to conflict.
Should you feel, during the course of the discussion, that the individual does not seem to be of sound mind then you can of course seek a medical opinion.
If your loved one is firm in their resolution and is judged to be of sound mind, then there is little you can do until after their death, when you can take steps to legally contest the Will.

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