inheritance dispute

Dispute over inheritance rages on

A dispute over inheritance, which has raged for the last three years; is still continuing even after the death of one of the people involved.
Several years ago, a widowed pensioner invited his nephew and family to come and live in his expansive farmhouse, to keep him company and offer additional security.
Unfortunately, the relationship quickly soured, with the family taking over opposite wings of the farmhouse and rarely interacting.
In 2009, the owner, Mr Taylor, prepared a Will, leaving over half of his estate, which was valued in excess of £1 million to various charities. The remainder of the estate was to be divided between his remaining family members, stipulating that his current guests were only to receive their inheritance if they were to leave the farmhouse within six months of his death.
When they learned of the contents of this Will, the family members within the farmhouse were outraged and began a legal battle, stipulating that the uncle had verbally promised to leave them the entire farmhouse, meaning that the other relatives and charities would receive precisely nothing.
After his death, a judge overruled the contents of the Will, awarding the family members the entire farmhouse – attracting an Inheritance Tax liability of £160,000 on the estate.
Subsequently however, this decision is now undergoing another review at the Court of Appeal, brought about by the executors of the estate, who have stated that there was never any proof of this verbal agreement.
And the moral of the story? Make your wishes regarding your death and your estate, transparently clear to everyone who is set to benefit.

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