Nurses Least Likely To Have Written A Will

A recent survey carried out by the Cavell Nurses’ Trust showed that over two thirds of nursing staff don’t have a will. The charity supports nurses who are in financial difficulties or who are going through personal hardships, and the organisers of the survey were shocked to find that such a high number of nurses had not yet – or didn’t intend to – write their will.

Within the general population of the UK, the number of those who don’t have a will is at 53 percent compared to 64 percent of nurses.

Nurses least likely to have written a will 199x300 Nurses Least Likely To Have Written A Will

The Cavell Nurses’ Trust intends to raise awareness of this facts through information in May, which is Make A Will month. The charity’s chair, Simon Knighton, said that he understood how busy a nurse’s life can be, and how working around the very ill, and seeing death on a regular basis, can put people off from wanting to think about such things when they finally do have some time off. However, he also understands that without a will it is the family left behind who will suffer, and so they are extremely important.

Some will writing businesses offer a discount for those in nursing, and it is always worth checking out beforehand. 

Ipswich Hospital Receives Generous Donation

Many wills contain charitable donations – it can be a wonderful way to give back (literally) something to a cause that has helped you or a family member, or one that you feel particularly strongly about. It can be anything from a few pounds to a large percentage of your estate. The choice is yours.

Recently, a man named Peter Gibbons, did just that. He decided to leave money in his will to Ipswich Hospital since they had treated him for heart disease, and made the last few months of his life more comfortable. Mr Gibbons was a former second hand car dealer, and he left a massive £1.5 million to the hospital.

Ipswich Hospital 300x225 Ipswich Hospital Receives Generous Donation

Friends of Mr Gibbons were not surprised when they heard what he had done – he had always had good things to say about Ipswich Hospital. He had been in and out of their care many times in the six years prior to his death at age 90, and he had never had a bad experience. What Mr Gibbons’ friends were surprised about was the amount of money he had left the hospital; none of them had any idea he was worth so much. They had always considered him ‘thrifty’, and although there were rumours about how much money he had, they had never seen any evidence of it.

A spokesperson for the hospital confirmed that the £1.5 million was the biggest donation they had ever received, and that it would go on to help many thousands of people who needed the hospital’s help. Four wards are now due to be renovated – including the children’s ward – and the rest of the money will go towards various smaller projects. 

Mr Gibbons had a kind heart 300x173 Ipswich Hospital Receives Generous Donation

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