probate clearance

What does a probate clearance company do?

When the time comes to put together a valuation on your loved one’s estate as part of the probate process, it is important that you choose an experienced probate clearance company to sort out the items within the deceased’s home and dispose of them appropriately, leaving their home ready to be cleaned and put on the market if required.
After you and all beneficiaries have removed items which have been left to you or which you want to keep for sentimental value, a probate clearance company will itemise, value and sell any remaining items in the deceased’s home, disposing of anything of little or no value for you.
You’ll be given a detailed, itemised valuation of all significant pieces of furniture and utilities such as a dishwasher or cooker. They may also be able to value more specific items such as artwork or jewellery, unless you’d prefer to have these valued yourself.
Once you have this final valuation, you can then move forward with the probate process, having the Inheritance Tax bill calculated and settling debts with outstanding creditors before distributing the remainder of the estate.
 A probate clearance company is vital in helping the probate process to move forward as quickly as possible, removing as much stress and uncertainty as possible for those left behind.

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