Proof of executorship

Proof of executorship – what do I need?

After your loved one has gone, if you are the executor of their estate, you will need to carry out duties including paying the necessary tax, settling outstanding debts, freezing bank accounts and collecting any monies due.
In order to do this, you’ll need to be able to prove to the relevant authorities that you have control over the estate. Usually, this is managed by showing them a copy of the Grant of Probate if a Will is in place, or Letters of Administration, if the estate has been passed into intestacy. Both are available from the Probate Office but, unless the value of the estate is under £5000, it can often be easier and less costly in the long run, to appoint the services of a probate professional.
This documentation should ensure that you can then liaise with the necessary organisations in order to progress with probate, collect monies due into the estate and pay off all the deceased’s debt, before distributing any assets.

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