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What if I don’t want to be executor?

Being an executor means that you are personally responsible for administering and distributing your loved one’s Estate accurately.
It can take up a considerable amount of time and is sometimes stressful, so if you feel that someone else would be better placed to be executor, you can be refused when you are first asked by the testator.
If you initially agreed to be executor for fear of upsetting the testator, you can still then turn down the role in the event of their death.
However, if you’ve already begun to administer the Estate and are part way through the probate process, you cannot decide to revoke your rights if you find that the process is too challenging without formally renouncing your position. This is carried out by notifying the Probate Office.
If you are unsure about the role, duties and responsibilities of an executor and are reluctant to accept the position; it is better to notify the testator at the time you are asked, rather than delay the probate process and make it even more upsetting for the beneficiaries at this potentially vulnerable time.

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