what should be included in a will

What should be included in a Will?

A sad case was highlighted recently, whereby a young mum of three was still to be buried a year after her death, due to a delay brought about by arguments about where she was to be laid to rest.
Although she had been responsible and had a Will prepared, it did not state her preferred location of burial. Then, in the event of her death, her two executors and family could not agree on this detail, leading to costly court proceedings.
Born in Bristol, the woman had lived most of her life in London and it was for this reason, the camp comprising of her executors, friends and family were divided on where she would choose to be interred.
Finally, after a year of expensive legal wrangling, her body was moved to the Bristol area where, it is anticipated, she will be buried near to her late sister.
Unfortunately, her estate, thought to be worth several hundred thousand pounds, is still to be settled following other complications.

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