When Someone Dies Abroad

When Someone Dies Abroad – Overseas Probate

If your partner or relative dies abroad whilst you are still in the UK, and you are responsible for picking up the pieces, you should be notified by the police. However, should you hear the dreadful news from anyone else, you should always contact the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to confirm the facts. Staff from this office will liaise with the British Consul regarding your wishes for the funeral until the deceased is buried or returned to the UK.

If, however, you are with the person abroad when they die, the British Consul will prove invaluable in helping you with any funeral arrangements and overseas probate.

Wherever you are, the death will need to be registered with the appropriate authorities and a Death Certificate obtained. However, it should be noted that it is not possible to register the death with British authorities in a number of locations including Gibraltar or South Africa.

Should you decide to bring the deceased home, the coroner back home where the funeral will take place, should be informed as if you require a cremation, a Certificate for Cremation will need to be supplied by the coroner.

Special arrangements will need to be made to bring the deceased home and for this purpose, an international funeral director will be required.

Check to see whether funeral costs will be covered by travel insurance in which case, the insurance company will make the necessary arrangements for you. If not, you will need to meet all associated costs including bringing the deceased home and any hospital bills.

Follow the link to find out more about overseas probate and inheritance law in Spain, France and Jersey.

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