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Can I use a will writing kit?

Online wills are only ever usually recommended for the simplest of estates. They are of course quick, relatively easy to prepare and perhaps most importantly in today’s struggling economic environment, cheaper than a professionally prepared Will.
Should you die without having a Will in place, your entire estate will be processed and distributed according to the English laws of intestacy, which can prove very stressful and upsetting, should some nasty surprises crop up.
It is then, very important that you prepare a Will of some sort. Online and DIY Wills are an alternative option but we have seen in recent years, an increasing number of contentious cases due to a mistake made by an individual as they prepared their own Will. 
As well as glaring errors causing undue stress upon loved ones left behind, rectifying the mistakes can prove considerably more cost than it would have taken to have the Will prepared professionally in the first place. Remember too that should you choose to write your Will yourself, you have not planned to minimise any Inheritance Tax due on your estate, which could place increased financial burden upon your family after you’re gone.

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