Frozen assets cause problems for widow



Newspaper reports regarding a complaint by Geraldine Winner, the wife of the late film director Michael Winner, had us smiling wryly, this week.

Her complaint centres round the way in which the estate of her late husband is being handled.  Apparently, as all of the couple’s bank accounts were in his name, they were frozen at the time of his death and she has since been able to access any funds from them – leaving her, allegedly “penniless”.

Mrs Winner is pondering why her husband’s financial team (he did, after all, leave a multi million pound estate) did not advise him to put at least one account into joint names.

In circumstances such as this, there’s little that can be done, until the probate process comes to its conclusion and funds can be released by the executors of the estate.  In the meantime, Mrs Winner will need to be satisfied with continuing to live in the couple’s £60 million, 46 room home in Kensington – complete with hired housekeeper.

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