Talking About Death Is A Societal No No

One of the biggest taboos in British society is to talk about death. Millions of people have a problem doing just that, and talking about any plans made for after someone’s death tops the list of subjects that simply cannot be spoken of.

This is one of the main reasons why so many people simply don’t make a will – around two thirds of the adult population.

A study carried out by NS&I (the agency that runs Premium Bonds) discovered that although many people have looked into care options for elderly or disabled relatives, when it comes to their own deaths or old age, they are far less productive. One third of adults say they have no intention of ever speaking about their own wishes with anyone. It’s just too uncomfortable.

Talking About Death 300x112 Talking About Death Is A Societal No No

Just over one third of people say they are too young to have to think about a will – although this is probably simply an excuse not to worry about writing one for a little while yet.

Others said that they did not want to write one because they couldn’t afford it, but that as soon as they could afford it, they would get one. Another reason behind not thinking about writing a will was that it would take too much time out of their busy lives.

But not writing a will or discussing your final wishes with your loved ones can actually lead to a lot more distress for them after you have died. The only sure way that anyone will know what you want is if you tell them. 

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