The Lambton probate battle

This week’s probate battle focuses on the estranged family of TV presenter, Lucinda Lambton.

Unfortunately, although exceptionally wealthy, Ms Lambton’s family appears to have been dogged by controversy and arguments over the years.

Her father, the late Earl of Durham, had lived in Italy for thirty years prior to his death in 2006 – driven there by a sex scandal which had broken several decades earlier.

In his will, Antony Lambton left his entire estate to his only son Ned, leaving his other children out in the cold.  Three of his daughters in particular were understandably miffed and tried to force Ned’s hand by claiming they could use Italian forced heirship laws to gain a share of their late father’s estate.

The row continued for years, with Ned offering to give each sister £1 million to drop any legal proceedings.  Unfortunately, the girls refused this offer and took the case to court in 2011, seeking a clawback of assets gifted during their father’s lifetime, which included Lambton Castle in the north east.

Ned has now issued a counter-writ in an attempt to prevent his sisters from citing Italian succession law, stating that the late Earl did indeed leave provision for all his other children.

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