The role of several executors


We all know that it is the executor of a will who ensures that all outstanding debts and taxes are paid on a deceased’s estate, before distributing the remaining assets as instructed by the will.

However, what happens when, as is so often the case, several executors have been nominated by the deceased?

Legally, up to four executors can in fact be identified, although they are not obliged to take up the role.

The democratic route is of course to agree on all actions taken during the probate process, although this can slow the whole procedure down considerably and give rise to disagreements.

A more efficient route is for all executors to identify and nominate one trusted individual to take charge and see that the probate process is carried out correctly.

In either instance, it is always advised that open, prompt and honest communication is the key to settling the deceased’s estate most quickly, accurately and with the minimum of stress and fuss.

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