UK right to die case halted again

We’ve all followed the sad case of Tony Nicklinson who, whilst he was alive, suffered from locked-in syndrome and fought to the very end to be allowed the right to die.
Unfortunately, Tony’s plea ultimately fell on deaf ears and he died from pneumonia shortly after he learned that his case had not been successful.
His family fight on however, supporting Tony’s cause – to allow others with locked-in syndrome, to be given the choice of life or dignified death.
This latest round of legal wrangling has seen the High Court refuse to allow Mr Nicklinson’s case to be heard by the Court of Appeal – a bitter blow for his wife and family.
Lord Justice Toulson offered sympathy for Mrs Nicklinson but felt that the case was not a matter for the court, but for parliament.
In response, the Nicklinson family have vowed to fight on, via the Courts of Appeal.

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